Face Mask Trials: Oatmeal

Today I ventured into uncharted territory: putting oatmeal on my face.

Overall rating, on the pizza scale*: cheese, maybe a few pepperonis thrown on the edges. It had good results but was strange to experience.

*an arbitrary scale my friends and I made up in college for rating new music to put on the radio station. Burnt pizza is a negative, cheese pizza is pretty indifferent, pepperoni is a comfortable yes, bacon is an enthusiastic yes, and throwing on all kinds of excessive extra toppings is the MOST enthusiastic yes.

The Recipe:

  • plain “Old Fashioned” oats
  • water
  • 3-5 drops of oil of choice

Source: would you believe I concocted this incredibly complicated recipe all by myself?

The Process:

  1. Obligatory before picture. My acne has been especially pesky lately, so here’s my puberty-esque broken out face. As always, pre-washed with my favorite Burts Bees face wash. Do I always wear this shirt/headband while doing facemasks? No, but it does appear that way.
  2. Creating the mask was very easy. I added water to the dry oats, microwaved it a few minutes to soften the oats, and then added my oils. I chose lemon oil and wild orange oil for this particular mask, because I needed something a little more cleansing, rather than soothing or moisturizing.
  3. Now, I’ve always been under the impression that an oatmeal mask would go on thick like a clay mask and harden in a tasty crust. That was absolutely not the case, and I was very alarmed.

    It turns out, when you do an oatmeal mask, you’re using the milky liquid that the oatmeal and water (and oils) create as the mask itself. So you end up sort of squeezing the juice out of the oatmeal in your hands and wiping it off on your skin. It was a unique experience, to be sure. See my vague confusion and discomfort below:

  4. After 10 or so minutes, I rinsed my face with cool water and reveled in the delightful smoothness of my skin, as well as the delicious smell.

The Result: The biggest downside I can see to this mask is that, afterward I was starving for a good bowl of oatmeal and fruit, which could be a dangerous habit to start on a regular basis. In regards to my face, though, I highly recommend this as a daily soothing mask to moisturize and cleanse with the right oils for your face.

Try it for yourself and let me know if you agree! Post your result and tag it with #SCNFaceMaskTrials and I’ll give it a share!

Much love, Nat

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